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Dev Priya Inds: A Change for the Better

Mr. Amit Gupta born on 25th June 1975, did his engineering and master's in IT, having a simple lifestyle, like to spend time with family, friends, enjoy movies but he is so passionate about paper that he sees paper in his dreams even. He is always inclined towards getting the best in whatever he does whether ordering an equipment, finding...

PMT to supply new Top Former & Film Size Press to NR Agarwal Industries

PMT will supply a new high capacity Top Former as well as a new Film Size Press to NR Agarwal Industries Ltd. for the major rebuild of their machine located in Vapi, India. The 4.5 m machine will produce writing and printing paper, as well as newspaper, using DIP and......

Naini Tissues to Upgrade PM1

Naini Tissues Ltd. has selected PMT Italia and Ruby Macons as suppliers of the major rebuild of their machine PM#1 located in Kashirpur, Uttarakhand. The 3.2 m wide machine produces writing and printing paper using agricultural base furnish as bagasse and straw. The paper quality will be improved applying the Smarnip-Mini Shoe Press and by adding a Film Size Press...