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OptiFiner Pro, a revolution in LC refining technology

international_optifinerThe refining stage in stock preparation plays a crucial role in developing fiber properties for paper production, greatly affecting the runnability of the paper machine and paper quality. Metso now introduces a revolutionary low consistency refining concept with the new OptiFiner Pro refiner.
Powerful compact design
Unlike conventional refiners, OptiFiner Pro feeds the stock evenly across the bars directly in the refining zone where fiber treatment occurs. All of the stock is treated equally, providing a higher refiner loadability and better energy efficiency. Tremendous flexibility in operation is gained as well as easier installation owing to the smaller physical size. In its optimal configuration, one OptiFiner Pro can replace two traditional refiners and still deliver 40% electrical energy savings. The new design is suitable for all kinds of LC refining applications including short hardwood fibers as well as recycled fibers requiring fibrillation at low refining intensities.
Refines more fibers
In conventional refining, fibers have to travel the full length of the refining zone and suffer excessive impacts leading to increased international_optifiner1fines, weakening of the refined fibers and inefficient delivery of energy to the fiber. Some fibers, as much as 70% in a disc refiner for instance, may not be treated at all. The new OptiFiner Pro increases the number of fibers that receive proper refining treatment and, because of the high utilization of the whole refining area and all refining bar lengths, refiner treatment intensity is much higher than any other refiner.
High efficiency
No-load power, as much as 50% of applied power in a conventional refiner, is consumed by viscous drag effects of the rotor and increases with both diameter and rotational speed. OptiFiner Pro uses a smaller rotor because of the improved fiber flow, reducing the no-load power by almost half. The design permits a remarkably higher installed power and throughput, further raising the refining efficiency.
Lower life-cycle costs
The improved performance of OptiFiner Pro enables refining with a reduced number of more compact refiners, thus reducing investment and maintenance costs significantly. The high energy efficiency provides operational cost savings and supports sustainable development with lower entire life cycle cost and less environmental stress. OptiFiner Pro starts a new era in LC refining.