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M-real to permanently close its Alizay pulp mill

M-real Corporation announced on 16 December 2009 its plan to permanently shut down the Alizay pulp mill. The plan is a part of the EUR 80 million profit improvement programme for the year 2010. At the same time, M-real initiated the information and consultation process concerning the possible permanent shutdown of the pulp mill.
M-real has now finalised the information and consultation process. The necessary economic preconditions for continuing the pulp mill’s operations could not be found. The pulp mill will be permanently closed and it will involve a reduction of maximum 89 vacancies.
“The final closure of the Alizay pulp mill is a very important profit improvement measure for M-real. We will continue measures to improve the Alizay paper mill’s profitability,” says Mikko Helander, CEO of M-real.