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Roll Cover Technology From Voith: Latest Development AiroDry H for Guide Rolls in the Dryer Section

The new roll cover technology has excellent load-bearing properties and its smooth surface finish ensures gentle handling of the paper sheet.

February 23, 2021

The new AiroDry H guide roll cover is resistant to abrasion, corrosion and static. Its temperature-resistance up to 130 °C ensures performance within the dryer section. Image: Voith

Guide rolls are used throughout the paper machine and must therefore meet a wide variety of requirements. In the dryer section, the primary task is to safely guide either dryer fabrics or the paper sheet through the machine. Once the rolls become corroded, worn, or contaminated, there is an increased risk to paper machine efficiency through sheet breaks.

The life of the dryer fabrics could be reduced either by contamination from the guide roll or by abrasion. Guide rolls that are in extreme condition could break causing unplanned downtime. With several decades of expertise in roll covers, Voith, therefore, complements its product portfolio for guide rolls with the new AiroDry H roll cover.

Advanced technology for guide rolls

AiroDry H is made of a fiber composite material. It has antistatic and highly abrasion-resistant properties. It is temperature-resistant up to 130 °C, higher than the surrounding temperatures to which guide rolls are subjected to. The new roll cover has excellent load-bearing properties and its smooth surface finish ensures gentle handling of the fabrics.

“The introduction of AiroDry H is the result of a long development program to find the optimum fiber composite guide roll for the dryer section. The new roll cover is resistant up to high temperatures of 130 °C. AiroDry H is a very competitive cover for guide rolls that are already in poor condition and cannot easily be thermal coated. AiroDry H offers a good alternative and opens up new possibilities,” explains Carl Taylor, Global Product Manager Dryer Section Fabric & Roll Systems at Voith.

Excellent material properties

AiroDry H is available for all dryer sections and can be used on both steel and carbon rolls. It provides a cost-effective solution for extending the service life of damaged or corroded guide roll shells. Together with Voith’s individual clothing and doctor blades, a tailored solution can be found to raise the performance and safety of paper machines.