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Ilim Group reports a rise of Corrugated Board Output by 9 percent in 2021

According to Ilim Group’s estimates, the demand for corrugated packaging products will witness a growth of around 4-5 percent in 2022. February 14, 2022 At Ilim Group, the output of the corrugated box plants registered a record-high level of 282 million sq m (131 thousand tonnes) in the year 2021.......
Industry Watch

Going Paperless Doesn't Going Green

Perhaps we can finally say goodbye to those simplistic “Go green, go paperless” promotional campaigns. There’s nothing particularly green about the massive data centers that store the internet’s data, The New York Times revealed after in-depth investigation. Data centers waste electricity and spew pollutants in a way that “is sharply......

FPTA 50th AGM organized with Paper – GOING GREEN Theme

Federation of Paper Trade Association (FPTA) organized its 50th AGM in Bangalore from Sep 17 to 19, 2011 with the theme “Paper- Going Green”. The AGM was attended by over 700 dignitaries from the paper industry across India, including representatives from paper traders, paper mills. Leading paper manufacturers were present......