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ITC to Increase Pulpwood Production to 5 Million Tonnes

The total plantations by ITC under its social forestry programme, as of March 31, 2022, stood at over 9.50 lakh acres. July 16, 2022 ITC Ltd. is planning to grow its annual pulpwood production capacity from 3.5 million tonnes to 5 million tonnes in the next four years – as......
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Getting Greener – Forestry Practices of Paper Mills

Paper Mart presents a special feature on Forestry practices of the Indian Paper Industry – which demonstrates the sustainability of paper mills in the country. The paper industry is blamed for deforestation and the felling of trees. We often receive e-mails with the tagline “Please consider the environment before printing......
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ITC’s Afforestation Programme turns Unproductive Land into Profitable Pulpwood Plantations

“Every year, we are planting 15 to 20 thousand hectares of plantation on farmers’ land which is way more than our requirements”, says Mr. Sanjay Singh, Group Head – Paper & Packaging at ITC Ltd. The afforestation programme of ITC Ltd. brings multiple benefits to multiple stakeholders. Plantation incomes are......
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TNPL: Uplifting Lives of Farmers and Paving the Way to Empower Society as a Whole

The main objective of the TNPL plantation scheme is to rehabilitate and restore the degraded and marginal farmlands through sustainable plantation management practices for increased production of pulpwood. Established in the 1980s, Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd. is an acknowledged leader in the technology of manufacturing paper from sugarcane......
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Kuantum Papers: Planning to Expand Clonal Saplings Production to 1 Crore p.a. in Next 5 Years

“Since 2008, we have constantly worked on upgrading our own Clonal Propagation Centre (CPC), which now has a production capacity of around 10 lakh saplings per annum,” says Mr. Pavan Khaitan, Managing Director, Kuantum Papers Ltd. Kuantum Papers Ltd. is an integrated agro and wood pulp-based paper manufacturer. Since 1979,......

ITC-PSPD: Combating Fiber Deficiency the Cost-Competitive Way

India is deficient in overall fiber availability, not to say wood-based fiber; the way forward is to layout carefully a long-term wood-fiber strategy with a serious focus on indigenous social-farm-forestry, cutting down the need of importing fiber permanently. The Indian pulp and paper industry has long been grappling with raw......