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Tembec puts Pine Falls newsprint mill up for sale

Tembec said that it will put its newsprint mill in Pine Falls, Manitoba, Canada up for sale. The facility, which has an annual capacity of approximately 200,000 tons, has been idled since September 1, 2009 due to a labour dispute.
“We have examined a full range of options related to our continuing ownership of this facility and have concluded that it is in the best interest of Tembec and the employees of the Pine Falls mill that we exit that site,” stated John Valley, Executive Vice President, Business Development and Corporate Affairs. “It is our hope to find a new owner for the site and we are prepared to work with all parties to facilitate a transaction.”
“However, if the sales process is not successful or if it is not completed in a timely manner, we will consider other options, including a permanent closure of the facility,” Valley added.