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The Brave Heart

Born and brought up in the vicinity of Faizabad, Ved Krishna a Management Degree Holder from London takes life as it Ved krishnacomes. Starting his day early morning at 5, does all the normal things but one thing which he does differently is planning the weeks instead of days plus setting up a specific goal that will have long term benefits for the company. He has always been a keen learner from his teenage as, while doing his graduation and flying for private pilot license, he also learnt about the manufacturing of paper from the grass root level. He worked as a trainee, as an operator, did cleaning and unloading of trucks; sorted out the raw materials and also worked in different shifts during 1993-1995 in his mill.
• Spiritual and philosophical person follows Geeta and Kabir.
• Owned a private pilot license.
• Goes for expeditions and adventurous trips like river rafting, flying etc.
In 1999, when Yash Paper Mills was going through tough times and was on the verge of being sold out by his father (as he was medically unfit). Ved Krishna came back from London and joined the company, the decision which was persuaded by his wife. He spent the first two years in resolving the internal politics, and did very less of paper making to bring the company on the right track that was very frustrating to which he stated that “I was alone at that time and no one was there to help me. Whether good or bad, both calls were mine. Then, I decided to see the half glass full instead of half empty and started to build upon the base that was provided to me instead of backing out from it. The changes have been very significant, I have no regrets and I love it now”.
Initially when he joined it was 30-35 crores company manufacturing Kraft paper and he continued this activity for the next two years. But, then he realized that it’s very difficult to be a good commodity player with small capacity in a raw material scarce country. So, he decided to shift towards the specialty paper grades which provided them a vision “To create the largest specialty manufacturing company in the world by 2025”
In 2005 they proposed 85 crores expansion plan to bankers to which they laughed by saying how will they raise the money. But, with their conviction and determination they ended up raising, 117 crores and the same bankers did financed them. His idea for exports was to enhance their own quality and also to expand their market. With the idea to enhance their quality and market horizon, Yash focused on exports and achieved 15-20% setting them better off the other Indian Paper mills, which is projected to reach40% in future.
Considering the future requirements of raw materials they started the tree plantation 5 years back with the association of farmers by selling them the saplings with the buying back guarantee.
Being a nature loving person “he wants to leave earth even more beautiful than it was actually presented to him that he adapted in his business operation by setting up the complete chemical recovery system which is one of its own achievements”.
Ved Krishna is a firm believer in being positive in all walks of life person as his father taught him that there is no such situation you cannot deal with. He is a bit inclined towards spirituality as he relates to Geeta by doing his best work and leaving the results on god or super power that in a way derives him to do his work.
“Our philosophy is different we invert the triangle of hierarchy as person making the product comes at the top and me at the bottom. Our job is not to manage anybody it is just to serve everybody. Being the M.D at a young age signifies more as a feeling of responsibility. There is a feeling of oneness in the company and everyone is equally important, working together to build the future of the company and I have been assigned the responsibility of achieving it and do justice to the people by providing better life to them” said Ved Krishna with a proud smile.
Losing his father is the biggest loss of his life but blessed with two lovely daughters is the profound moment of his life.
• Live life to the fullest
• Do one thing at a time. Concentrate on the job at hand.
• Enjoy children
• Give, give, give
• Keep it simple clear and short
• Develop people, trust your gurus and always listen to them
• Believe in yourself
• Learn from all
• Never give an opinion until you have been asked for it.
• Travel and enjoy the journey
• Wrong decisions are better than no decisions. Act
• Live and let live
Abook/movie you would recommend on leadership
Books: Good to Great, Creating Magic, Leadership Wisdom by Robin Sharma Maverick by Ricardo Semler
Movies: Last samurai, Braveheart
Your idea for happiness! I am always happy
Your favorite cuisine! Thai
Favorite sports! Basket ball
Kind of music! Anything that sounds good and mainly Sufi. I play flute myself so can relate to music
In free time you do! Spend time with my children and ride bike, I go around the world.
One thing you always say to yourself! No defeat is, till you stop trying.