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Valmet Plans a New Services Center in Asia-Pacific

December 18, 2014
Valmet has decided to build a new services centre in Indonesia, which is one of the key markets in Asia-Pacific for Valmet’s products and services. The new service centre will be located in the Jakarta area on the island of Java, and it will be fully operational at the beginning of 2017.
“We see good opportunities for services growth in the Asia-Pacific area. After the investment, we’ll be able to provide our Asia-Pacific pulp, paper and energy customers with a much wider services offering. Our offering will expand to include roll services, boiler services, fiber workshop services, mill improvement solutions, paper machine clothing, and filter fabrics,” says Jukka Tiitinen, Business Line President, Services at Valmet.
“This investment supports Valmet’s activities in the area to a great extent. We are present close to where our customers operate. We deliver environmentally sound technologies and services and promote sustainable development in every way. Customers’ perfor-mance improvements and competitiveness are key issues for us,” points out Hannu T. Pietilä, Area President, Asia-Pacific at Valmet.
The center will serve Valmet’s pulp, paper and energy customers throughout the Asia-Pacific area. Valmet has a large installed base in the area, providing a good platform for services to grow. Today, Valmet operates Asia-Pacific service centres in Thailand, South Korea and Australia.
“The new service centre in Indonesia will bring us significantly closer to the customers in the area,” concludes Tiitinen.