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Voith Launches SmartBasket for Stock Preparation

June 30, 2019


Voith has launched the SmartBasket, an intelligent screen basket add-on for the stock preparation unit. There are a large number of screen baskets used in the stock preparation unit and are regularly exchanged, re-chromed or stored in the warehouse, and manual documentation of the screen baskets in use and in stock has been standard practice.

SmartBasket presents a solution for asset and lifecycle management of screen baskets, providing paper producers with transparency and availability across all their manufacturing facilities.

The baskets are scanned with a special hand scanner that is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet and the associated SmartBasket app. This allows all relevant information – like the storage location, run-time and condition of every single basket – to be added to a database. The data can be easily viewed in the user-friendly mobile app or in more detailed form via a cockpit solution, a web-based application with more extensive functions including Excel export.

SmartBasket provides an overview of the entire supply chain and can be tracked at all times. The app provides a the direct connection to the Voith Paper Webshop, so a user only needs to click to buy more screen baskets.