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Artificial Intelligence in trim optimization – Binjusaria adopts Haber’s Kaiznn™ software

June 02, 2023


Binjusaria teams up with Haber’s Kaiznn™, to bring cutting-edge integrated deckle matching software. With the advent of technological advancements post-pandemic, Binjusaria is leading the way in automating processes and boosting productivity.

By incorporating Kaiznn™, Binjusaria is set to revolutionize the way paper is produced, reducing trim loss, enhancing order fulfillment, and improving stock management at the mill. “We believe that the latest developments in technology can take the industry to the next level,” said Mr. Shivank Kedia, Managing Director of Binjusaria. “With Kaiznn™, we aim to minimize trim loss and track orders comprehensively now. The seamless integration into our system has made tech adoption a lot more exciting and we eagerly look forward to transforming the process.”

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The partnership is aimed at leveraging AI to reduce inaccuracies and time involved in deckle matching. Haber’s expertise has resulted in the curation of a cloud-based solution that can give multiple solutions within seconds. 

As Mr. Vipin Raghavan, CEO of Haber, points out, “What makes this partnership unique is Binjusaria’s commitment to innovation. We, at Haber, take pride in providing efficient, sustainable solutions and are thrilled to be able to do the same for Binjusaria. Get ready to witness a new era in paper production, where technology and innovation work hand in hand to bring about a sustainable, efficient, and seamless process.”

Binjusaria Papers Private Ltd is a leading high-quality kraft paper manufacturer based out of Shadnagar, near Hyderabad, India. Binjusaria Group having experience in varied industries is making great progress in the paper industry with its advanced technology-driven approach.

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Haber transforms the paper industry with its AI-led services. These services are spread across several sections of the pulp and paper mill, optimizing efficiency and maximizing output. The motto is to capture and analyze data and provide actionable insights for quicker corrective action.