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250 TPD Packaging Board Plant in Tamilnadu

Venkraft Paper Mills Pvt Ltd is putting up a 250 TPD packaging board plant in Hosur, Tamilnadu. Scheduled to start in September 2010, the 3250 mm wide machine with a production speed of 300 mpm will produce Duplex
Board, Liner Kraft, Cup Stock, Packaging Board, Kraft Paper in 180 to 650 GSM. Major equipment suppliers include Parason for Pulp Mill, Black Clawson for Formers, Lathia Rubber for Rolls, DS Engineers & Jasmira Engineers for Paper Machine, Kusters for Calendar, Siemens for Electrical systems and Therman for Steam and Condensate system. Setup with a total investment of 75 crores, Bristol Formers, Kusters Soft Nip Calendar are the key highlight of paper machine. Bleached Pulp and all types of recovered Waste Paper from domestic and international sources will be used as raw-material