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ABB Helps World’s Largest Wheat Straw Paper Manufacturer Improve Quality

Trident Limited has choosen ABB’s KPM KRT Retention Measurement system to reduce variability in paper quality at their Dhaula mill near Barnala, Punjab in India.

June 17, 2019
BB helps world’s largest wheat straw paper manufacturer improve qualityTrident Limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of wheat straw-based paper, needed a retention measurement solution to help reduce sheet breaks on their paper machine producing high quality copier and printing paper. Retention control is important for paper making operations due to the large influence it has on the variability reduction of paper quality and its ability to help stabilize the wet end.
Trident has chosen ABB’s KPM KRT Retention Measurement system to help measure the total consistency of the white water as well as to provide retention monitoring and control on their paper machine. Typically, customers achieve a five percent reduction in roll rejects within six months of installation.
Included in the installation is a deaeration device, a sample pump and automatic flushing to keep the sensor clean. The display unit and sensor do not need any additional protective housing to withstand difficult conditions at the paper machine’s wet end. The self-cleaning design coupled with its ability to withstand tough environments will enable minimum maintenance and reduced lifecycle costs.
“ABB is proud to be a longstanding partner of Trident Limited, supplying their quality control system, distributed control system and several laboratory instruments,” said Per Sandstrom, head of lab and process testing measurements for ABB pulp and paper. “We welcome this opportunity for continued collaboration to help Trident achieve its quality goals.”
Trident Limited is the flagship company of Trident Group, a $1 billion USD Indian business conglomerate and global player. Trident Limited is one of the preferred suppliers of high quality paper for multi-color high speed printing and publishing and branded copier paper. Trident focuses on being eco-friendly and is the first mill in the world to use ECF bleaching and oxygen delignification on wheat straw.