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ABB Releases Single-Channel Two-Wire Transmitter for pH Measurement and Control

Analytical transmitter with plug-and-play technology offers cost-effective and future-proof solution for industrial pH and conductivity measurement.

July 10, 2019

AWT210 2-wire transmitter to reach new standards in pH, ORP and conductivity measurement.

ABB has taken an innovative approach to transmitter design with its new AWT210 single-channel two-wire transmitter for measurement and control of pH, redox (ORP) and conductivity in hazardous and non-hazardous industrial applications including pulp and paper.

The low-power transmitter is built around single-sensor interchangeable modular plug-and-play technology. Therefore, the AWT210’s modular design can handle future sensor technologies such as ABB’s digital EZLink sensors.

The AWT210 pH and conductivity systems are ideal for the pulp and paper, oil and gas, metals and mining and chemical and petrochemical industries.

The highly flexible transmitter design enables the same unit to be used with pH, redox (ORP) and ion-selective sensors as well as two- and four-electrode and toroidal conductivity sensors. Factory-calibrated modules for the different sensor types can be quickly fitted and exchanged when required via the transmitter’s hinged door, enabling fast and easy upgrading and maintenance in the field.

This same approach applies when integrating the AWT210 into different control systems, equipped with a range of exchangeable modules available for 4-20mA with HART®, FOUNDATION Fieldbus® and Profibus PA® communications protocols.

With its range of wall, pipe and panel mounting options and IP66 rated enclosure, the AWT210 can be installed almost anywhere in an industrial process with both intrinsically safe and non-incendive versions for hazardous area installation certified by USFMc and ATEX/IECEx.

To prevent unauthorized modifications to calibration and configuration settings, multi-level security access ensures that users can only perform tasks within their specific profiles, with a choice of read-only, calibrate and advanced security access levels