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Complete Paper Stock Preparation Machinery

FJLIME Joins Hands with MR Mac-Tech to supply the Indian pulp and paper industry highly efficient stock preparation system.

Complete Paper Stock PM Vol18 No5 Dec Jan 2017 18
(L to R) Ms. Ellen Li, General Manager, Fujian Light Industry Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.; Mr. Rajiv Kumar Agarwal, Director, MR Mac-Tech Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Stefano Germiniasi, Technical Director, Fujian Light Industry Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd.

MR Mac-Tech Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2011 by Rajiv Kumar Agarwal and M.P. Singal keeping in view to serve the paper industry in India with the latest and the best quality of paper machine technology available worldwide. It has recently joined hands with a Chinese company FJLIME with an objective to provide economical, technical and viable solutions to the paper industry. FJLIME is a leading manufacturer of equipment for stock preparation.

Paper Mart had brief conversations with Mr. Rajiv Kumar Agarwal, Director, MR Mac-Tech Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Stefano Germiniasi, Technical Director, Fujian Light Industry Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. Excerpts:

“I have got fantastic principal partners. We had a recent joint venture with FJLIME . They are very good as far as stock preparation equipment is concerned.”

Paper Mart: Please give us a brief introduction to your company.

Rajiv Kumar Agarwal: MR Mac-Tech was incorporated in the year 2011, by me and Mr. M.P. Singal. We are basically a supplier or rather a solution provider to the paper industry for fulfilling their needs of better performing machines and other equipment. We are Sales Partners for lot many European companies for all paper machine accessories like Ceramics and UHMW de-watering elements of Wire Table, Press Felts & Dryer Screens, Calendar Rolls and so on. Now, we have entered into complete stock preparation equipment manufactured in FJLIME, China with complete design back up from FJLIME, Italy. When I talk FJLIME, it clearly indicates that FJLIME China is a joint venture of an Italian and a Chinese company which has objective to provide economical, technical, and viable solutions to the paper industry as far as stock preparation equipment is concerned. This company has the potential to fill the gap of the Indian market with best quality stock preparation equipment and with a competitive price in the paper manufacturing industry.

PM: Tell us about the new developments at MR Mac-Tech.

RKA: We have high aspirations, and look forward to provide Indian market complete paper machines from the best manufacturers. We are into discussions with two or three good OEMs of paper machines, and soon we will come out with the fruitful results.

PM: Can you tell us about your products and principal partners?

RKA: I have got fantastic principal partners. I am associated with my first partner company Ippolito & Pisani, SpA. We are the sole selling agent in India for M/S Ippolito & Pisani SpA, of Italy, who specializes in the manufacturing of high quality wet felts and dryer screens on most modern looms. Then we are associated with Coldwater, with our Head Office in States. They are pioneers in manufacturing of sealing strips of suction rolls, and had recently acquired CoorsTek – a premium manufacturer of Ceramic drainage elements. We also have Karl Buch Walzengiesserei Gmbh from Germany. They have a great facility for manufacturing of calendar rolls. Lastly, we had a recent joint venture with FJLIME . They are very good as far as stock preparation equipment is concerned.

PM: Tell us about the geographical regions you are catering to. Besides, tell about the export market. Do you have any plan to tap into new regions?

RKA: When I talk about the export market, we are not doing any exports right now because we are bringing the International technology to the Indian doorstep. Of course, we do have plans for exports. We are putting up our office in Kent, UK. It would be responsible for all the overseas market.

PM: How do you see India as a market?

RKA: India has a huge potential, in terms of technology for the Paper Industry. I would like to say, there are some mills who used to produce around 150-200 tonnes per day of writing & printing and packaging board paper. They are now adopting up end of technology and thus potential for betterment is there.

PM: Anything which you would like to add?

RKA: I would like to assure that MR Mac-Tech is a technically viable company for the product line it’s dealing in, and assure to deliver the best of the technology to the Indian Paper Industry.

“We are continuously proposing new technologies to the customers in terms of energy saving and fiber losses.”

PM: Tell us in brief about your company.

Stefano Germiniasi: I am representing FJLIME, which is a Chinese company. We are a leader in manufacturing equipment for stock preparation. MR Mac-Tech is our agent for the Indian market. We are placed in China in cooperation with Italy. Basically, it is a partnership for giving a proper support to the customers in terms of engineering proper design and controlling the cost. It is the first experience for us in India, but let me tell you that the feeling is really nice. We have entered the market six months ago, but more or less, we had a lot of good discussions. The Indian market is quite active and positive. It is not a common market. The other markets are slower in terms of the demand for the paper industry equipment but Indian market seems to be very active. There is a good quality of customers, who have in-depth knowledge of technology.

PM: What are the challenges that you face when dealing with the Indian customers?

SG: Although it is a market which has huge potential, I will not call it as an easy market. Still, it is normal as nowadays, everything has become a bit complicated because there are many suppliers on the field and the competition is extremely tough. Yet, the market is very active. For us, it can be a good opportunity as we are trying to do some investment in India. We feel India as one of the best markets. We really can sense the potential because of the big projects the country has in its kitty. We really intend to play our card in order to do a proper job and build up references. Unfortu-nately, up till now we don’t have any reference, but we feel the more good projects we do, the more customers will look at us and we shall start getting good business. We will really focus on that.

PM: Is there any new development at your company’s end?

SG: It is all part of the business. We are continuously proposing new technologies to the customers in terms of energy saving and fiber losses. But as I told you, we need to propose something new in order to remain glued in the competition. We have our R&D for that. Also, we have our pilot plant where we can make some trials for the customers and ourselves too. We believe that we need to look forward and keep on improving. That is the target. Otherwise, you cannot carry on making good business.

PM: Our readers would like to know about your product range.

SG: As we are involved in the stock preparation, we are able to provide products from beginning to the end of the paper making process. FJLIME offers complete paper stock preparation machinery & engineering service, including paper pulper, pulp cleaner, pulp screen, deinking machine, pulp thickener, disperser system, and more, which are used extensively in the papermaking and pulp preparation fields. Our paper pulping machine is suitable for the intermittent or continuous pulping of OCC and waste paper. Then we have drum pulper, H.C. pulper, impurity separator, drum screen machine, ragger, cutting machine, grab bucket, vertical hydraulic pulper, broke pulper, bale breaker, and so on. For pulp cleaner we have high consistency cleaner, low consistency cleaner, and centrifugal cleaner.

We can provide equipment, but we know it is not enough. Therefore, we add some value like process design and engineering development. That is why we have a combination of Italy and China. The customer needs support. For that, we need to increase our standard. We believe that it is not enough to just sell the equipment. Our target is to have a long-term bond with the customers. Definitely, we need to satisfy them today in order to look towards them tomorrow. We can propose complete turnkey. It just depends on the requirement of the customers. We can even develop the products according to their requirement. Also, in any case, process and engineering are there.

PM: Anything you would like to add?

SG: I would like to thank the Indian market to give us the opportunity. We will try to do the best.