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International Paper to manufacture HP premium copier products in India

Mr Matt NuthDay 3-4 Newsletter, 26-27th October 2013
International Paper is the exclusive and only manu-facturer of HP branded copier paper across the globe
• HP 75 gsm was previously imported into India from IP’s US and Brazil operations
International Paper announced that its mill at Rajahmundry, The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited (APPM) (a group company of International Paper), will manufacture HP premium copier paper using Colorlok® technology. International Paper has an exclusive global partnership with HP to manufacture their copier range since 1996. The company intends to start commercial manufacturing of this premium category copier paper in India in November 2013.
Globally, International Paper manufactures and markets nearly 300,000 tons of HP copier paper annually. The new capabilities in India will target gaining significant share in the domestic premium copier market. Currently International Paper markets HP copier range in over 52 countries through its worldwide production capabilities.
International Paper has invested around Rs. 100 crores in this project to manufacture HP branded copier paper and market this product in different states of India through its distribution channels. In due course of time, these products will also be exported.

Mr Rampraveen Swaminathan
Mr. Rampraveen Swaminathan Managing Director & CEO, APPM

Commenting on the new product, Mr. Rampraveen Swaminathan, Managing Director & CEO, APPM said, “IP is committed to bring the best global quality products to consumers in the Indian market and offer some of the finest products. This new product line will strengthen IP’s position in the high potential Indian paper market and is another step in expanding our market presence in India.”
Commenting on the new local manufacturing, Mr. Matt Nuth, Global Business Manager, HP Everyday Papers, HP, said, “We are excited with IP’s new capabilities in India and we look forward to IP growing the HP branded copier in India as it has done very successfully in all the markets worldwide. I am confident that IP will bring all the best practices from its global production capabilities to the Indian market”.