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Krofta Engineering: Empowering Industry with Technology to Treat, Reuse and Recycle Wastewaters

2021: The year that was

Krofta Engineering
Mr. Raghvendra Khaitan, Managing Director, Krofta Engineering Ltd.

The current year was a year of introspection considering the volatile situation and ups and downs of the industry. It made us realise that cohesiveness amongst team members and our company executives places a very vital role. It helped us to interact amongst us and do brainstorming which led us to innovate new products.

We have launched Megacell which is an advanced DAF technology allowing higher throughput, lower power consumption, and lower civil cost along with the flexibility to be able to be installed virtually at any tight spot within the paper mill premises.

We have also introduced our Triple Wire Belt Press which includes an inbuilt gravity thickener allowing low consistencies of sludge to be handled along with higher throughput in this machine. Its low power consumption compared to decanter centrifuge is a major advantage.

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2022: The year that will be

The performance for the year 2021-22 will be about 25 percent higher revenue in comparison to 2020-21 and for the coming financial year, we are very optimistic about the new opportunities because water and its importance of reuse and recycling will be the main driver.

Our goal is to explore newer verticals/markets wherever water is stressed. Krofta has the ability and technology to be able to treat wastewaters which will allow the mills to reuse and recycle the same and also dewater their sludge accordingly.

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Key trends driving the growth

Krofta always strives for newer innovations/products which allow the customers to have an advantage of lower opex costs, lower civil costs, etc. which will ultimately drive the project cost to be competitive. We are planning new launches in the coming year and these advantages will be the driver for growth and generate demand.