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Krofta Engineering: Empowering Industry with Technology to Treat, Reuse and Recycle Wastewaters

2021: The year that was The current year was a year of introspection considering the volatile situation and ups and downs of the industry. It made us realise that cohesiveness amongst team members and our company executives places a very vital role. It helped us to interact amongst us and......

Krofta Engineering Limited: Membrane Technology for Water Treatment and Reuse

Growing water scarcity and heightened awareness of water conservation are inducing more and more paper mills to explore areas like water conservation and water recycling within their facilities. In an exclusive interview given to Paper Mart, Mr. Raghvendra Khaitan, Managing Director, Krofta Engineering Limited, talks about the scope of Krofta’s......
Tech Articles

Improved DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Efficiency Through PARETO (TM) Mixing Technology

Business Situation Nalco had successfully installed PARETO Optimizers on the process side (Paper Machine) at a customer site. The offering effectively balanced the interrelated and dependent variables of hydrodynamics, chemistry and water management. Due to this success, the Nalco team at the mill and Customer Management decided to explore new......