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Metso's first OptiCell flotation system starts up in Germany

Metso’s first OptiCell flotation system was started up successfully on September 15 at Stora Enso’s Maxau mill in Germany. The delivery contains Metso’s new flotation technology. The system comprises primary and secondary cells designed to improve the end product quality and to lower the production costs. The deinking line 1 at Maxau, equipped with the OptiCell flotation cell, produces deinked pulp for SC (super calendered) paper.
Metso first OpticellThe start-up went very smoothly and stayed on schedule. The targeted brightness and production levels were achieved and maintained right from the beginning.
The OptiCell flotation cell uses the latest aerating injector technology. With the new flotation cell of 158 t/d capacity, Stora Enso will achieve improved ash removal and save a considerable amount of bleaching chemicals. The cell also improves selectivity and lowers fiber losses.
The Maxau mill uses recycled paper as its main raw material for paper production. The mill’s deinking capacity is 380,000 tons of recycled paper per year. The three paper machines at Maxau produce approximately 700,000 tons of high-quality magazine paper and newsprint a year.