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Satia Industries and Zume Announces New Manufacturing Partnership

The new partnership with Satia Industries will accelerate Zume’s globally distributed sustainable manufacturing capacity. Also, the deal advances Zume’s strategy of using hardware, software, and services to replace plastics and styrofoam solutions in the global marketplace.

June 4, 2021

Satia Industries
Dr. Ajay Satia, CMD, Satia Industries

Satia Industries, one of the largest wood and agro-based paper manufacturers in India has partnered with Zume, the sustainability solutions company creating economically viable substitutes for single-use plastics, for new manufacturing and professional services. This deal brings innovation to the USD 580 billion global plastic industry by presenting a scalable solution to replace plastics and styrofoam with sustainable alternatives.

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Founded on the mission to change the unsustainability in the food supply chain, Zume’s proprietary design, prototyping, and manufacturing technologies present an automated system to replace single-use plastic with 100% compostable plant fiber-based products. Through Zume’s patented molded fiber manufacturing equipment system and technology, global food brands can transition from plastic packaging to sustainable solutions without disrupting their manufacturing processes or bottom line.

“There is a tremendous runway for plastic packaging disruption as plastic production has outpaced almost every other material and corporations are supplying single-use plastic at a record pace,” said Alex Garden, Zume’s Chairman and CEO. “Established, experienced innovators like Satia Industries are speeding the adoption of Zume’s technology, and we’re proud to work together to accelerate the replacement of single-use products around the globe.”

Through this deal, Zume and Satia Industries will deploy more than 2,000 tonnes of self-sealing, sustainable molded-fiber products to be manufactured and marketed during the first year of the partnership. Satia Industries plans to enhance its expertise and expand its product offering basket through this association with Zume by providing customized molded fiber packaging solutions across multiple industries such as food, consumer packaged goods, electronics, cosmetics, healthcare, and pharma.

“Our partnership with Zume empowers Satia Industries to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients for high-performing, affordable and reliable products that are sustainably manufactured and easily composted,” said Dr. Ajay Satia, CMD, Satia Industries. “As well, we are able to create new demand for Zume sustainable solutions, helping to transition customers into more modern, reliable, and forward-thinking products than that which they may be relying upon today.”

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Separate from its global manufacturing partnerships, Zume manufactures its sustainable solutions containers at Zume’s facility in Camarillo, California. Zume’s sustainable solutions containers are already available in 20 countries through Zume’s network of premier food brands, brokers, and distributors, including Boon Distribution, Click Chefs, Detox Folks, Majestic Timbers, Packaging Supplies, Prestige Tissues, Rebel Foods, Saintjo Innovations, SealTec, and SR Papers.