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Domestic Paper Makers Seek Protection From Cheap Chinese and Korean Imports

Paper manufacturers fear that with factories remaining shut during peak season, China may resort to dumping; Indian manufacturers want government to levy customs duty on imports. May 12, 2020 Indian paper manufacturers have urged the government to levy customs duty on various paper products to prevent their dumping from China,......
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Paper and Paperboard Imports Rise by 29.5% in Q1, Capacity Utilization Drops

The pulp and paper industry has already conveyed to the government its serious concerns on India giving any import tariff concessions on paper and paperboard under the proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), which is expected to be concluded by year-end. September 27, 2019 India’s imports of paper and paperboard......

IPMA: Alarming Surge in Paper Imports Unsettles Domestic Industry

Imports of paper and paperboard into India have been steadily increasing and have been seen as a major factor, among others, impacting the economic viability of many paper mills in India, forcing several to close down. In the last seven years, imports have risen at a CAGR of 16.11 percent......

Adoption of New & Emerging Technologies to Address the Visible Water Stress

CII-Triveni Water Institute in association with Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA) organized the 3rd National Conference on Pulp & Paper in New Delhi on June 29, 2018 on water and wastewater management with a focus on adoption of new and emerging technology. Understanding the Trade-offs in Water & Wastewater Management......