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Arctic Paper Invests USD 26.5 Million for Biofuel Upgrade in Grycksbo Mill

Arctic Paper invests USD 26.5 million in Grycksbo mill’s biofuel upgrade, saving USD 4.5 million per year, producing 50 kilotons of pellets (USD 9 million value), using sawdust and wood chips as main biofuels. Upgradation is expected to be completed by mid-2025 which will be financed by loans/equity. Aug 9,......
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ABB to Deliver New Automation System for Arctic Paper Grycksbo

The order also includes ABB’s patented Winder Performance Optimization package, which will help Arctic Paper Grycksbo achieve higher productivity. June 22, 2021 ABB will deliver a new drive and automation system for the winder modernization project at Arctic Paper Grycksbo, Sweden. ABB’s Ability 800xA and ACS880 multidrive system is projected......