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European Commission Proposal on Packaging and Packaging Waste to Build a World-Class Circularity Model Where Reuse and Recycling are Complementary

The European Commission’s revised proposal for packaging and packaging waste is based on the EU industry’s recycling model for paper and board packaging. December 13, 2022 A proposal for a revised Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation which has been tabled by the European Commission builds on the performance of the......
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Morbi, an Underrated Challenger!

With its over 1.5 million tonne capacity, Morbi’s packaging paper industry is not in a mood to stop and is set to add at least 0.5 million tonne in the next 4-5 years, which is a lot. The Indian paper industry will have to sit and notice, if not sooner,......

Stora Enso launches new board packaging

In today's economic situation, combined with the universal concern about climate change, the development of food packages is driven by cost-efficiency and eco-efficiency demands. Stora Enso is addressing these demands with its new Trayforma Performance board, which improves material efficiency and reduces the total weight of packages....