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Stora Enso launches new board packaging

In today’s economic situation, combined with the universal concern about climate change, the development of food packages is driven by cost-efficiency and eco-efficiency demands. Stora Enso is addressing these demands with its new Trayforma Performance board, which improves material efficiency and reduces the total weight of packages.

“The number one market demand on our product development is weight reduction. We have successfully achieved this in the liquid packaging segment over the years and we can continue this success in trays,” says Marcus Weise, Tray Product Manager at Stora Enso Consumer Board. “Reducing density doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compromise on anything else. Trayforma Performance offers Stora Enso launches new board packaging improved printability, formability and run ability in the converting process. This has been confirmed by our customers who have already introduced the board in their production.”

Trayforma Performance board has a lower carbon footprint than other raw materials for ovenable trays, such as plastic and aluminium. The lower carbon footprint is primarily attributable to the renewable fibre-based raw material and production of board at an integrated mill site, which uses a high proportion of bioenergy in production.

Trayforma boards are primarily intended for pressed and folded trays for packaging frozen, chilled and fresh foods. As the European market leader in this product segment, Stora Enso has unique expertise in forming trays and developing board properties to achieve more stable trays, higher production speed and less cracking.

Typical products packed in the trays include bakery products, semi-prepared and ready meals. With a suitable coating option, the board-based tray can be heated in a microwave or conventional oven.

“We intend to maintain our leadership position in liquid packaging boards and food service boards by further strengthening the competitiveness of our production units through targeted investments. Our customers will benefit from improved product quality and production efficiency,” says Vesa Simola, Head of Liquid Packaging and Food Service Boards at Stora Enso Consumer Board.