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“Whether you are an Indian company or from foreign origin the ability to combine the dots will make a winning combination”

Manik Seth
India – A consumer led economy According to estimates 23% of the initial workforce that was engaged in the global workforce during 2005-10 has been added by India and in 2050 India will hold the largest pool of working population. India having the largest reservoir of the working population will......

“Neither gloom nor bloom. Outlook is inspiring long-term but skeptical short-term”

Manik Seth
Expertise comes from understanding and understanding comes from detailing and this is how Mr Basantt Khaitan, MD, Wires & Fabriks (S.A) Ltd., Jaipur has attained his proficiency in the paper industry. His penchant for the industry is well known among his peers and colleagues. To share his understanding and to......