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Valmet Introduces Versatile New Solution for Fiber Recovery and Pulp Thickening

The solution reinvents the traditional bow screen with a new, user-friendly design and improved nozzle arrangement enabling higher capacity and greater runnability than before. November 12, 2019 Valmet has announced the launch of Valmet Pressure-fed Bow Screen, a versatile new addition to its stock preparation offering. Working to maximize the......
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Life Cycle of the U.S. Paper Industry

Manik Seth
By Cathy Greenleaf, Senior Consultant, Fisher International Typical Phases of Industry Growth PHASE CHARACTERISTICS Start Up Innovative product; entry to market not as difficult Growth Generally during this phase smaller companies are forced out through consolidation and barriers to entry are high Mature Profit margins are lowered; market share and......

Clariant launches environmentally focused optical brighteners

Manik Seth
June 3, 2013 Clariant launched the world’s most highly concentrated, urea-free liquid optical brightening agent (OBA) for printing and writing papers. New disulphonated Leucophor® ACK contains no environmentally harmful additives, decreases OBA requirements for papermakers, and lowers transport costs and carbon footprint. Leucophor ACK is an ultra-concentrated aqueous solution specially......

“Neither gloom nor bloom. Outlook is inspiring long-term but skeptical short-term”

Manik Seth
Expertise comes from understanding and understanding comes from detailing and this is how Mr Basantt Khaitan, MD, Wires & Fabriks (S.A) Ltd., Jaipur has attained his proficiency in the paper industry. His penchant for the industry is well known among his peers and colleagues. To share his understanding and to......