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Haber: Optimizing Deckle Matching through Kaiznn™

Intelligent integrated deckle matching software is optimal for paper mills as it provides end-to-end support through the integration of the CRM and Production Management System. Kaiznn™ by Haber is a one-of-a-kind, intelligent, and integrated deckle matching software enabling mills to make quicker decisions to optimize their resources. “Deckle optimization in......
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BTG dataPARC – Building Intelligence from Process Data

A comprehensive solution for plant information management, analytics, and data modelling can help faster troubleshooting and informed decision-making. BTG’s dataPARC also aggregates operational data as well as predefined time periods. Importance and Challenges with Process Information Management System Most data visualisation, lab, or analysis software comes with its respective storage......

Voith launches OnPerformance.Lab – for the digital optimization of paper production

Data-based remote service helps paper manufacturers increase the efficiency and availability of their production facilities. The service combines software-supported analysis of machine and process data with the expertise of Voith specialists. November 27, 2020 With the OnPerformance.Lab, Voith is now offering paper manufacturers the opportunity to identify and exploit improvement......