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Haber: Optimizing Deckle Matching through Kaiznn™

Intelligent integrated deckle matching software is optimal for paper mills as it provides end-to-end support through the integration of the CRM and Production Management System. Kaiznn™ by Haber is a one-of-a-kind, intelligent, and integrated deckle matching software enabling mills to make quicker decisions to optimize their resources. “Deckle optimization in......
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Stora Enso Ingerois Mill to Improve Operational Performance with BTG’s dataPARC

For the mill in Ingerois, Finland, Stora Enso will implement dataPARC software for the board production line, which marks an important part of the digital transformation journey of the company. April 6, 2022 Stora Enso Ingerois mill and BTG have agreed to implement the dataPARC solution for the board machine......