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A Surge in Paper Imports: Dwindling the Indian Paper Industry?

Indian paper industry has experienced a surge in imports in FY 22-23, with the uncoated writing & printing segment recording an increase of 102 percent over FY 21-22. Paper Mart grapples with the issue under the guidance of industry leaders, both manufacturers and traders, to understand the main drivers of......

Paper Mart Emagazine Jun-July, 2023

Paper Mart Jun-July 2023 edition is now live! Paper Mart’s Jun-July 2023 edition touches on every aspect that is relevant presently to the pulp and paper industry. Interviews of industry leaders are featured, wherein they discuss plans for capacity expansion to rebranding. The featured companies include Kuantum Papers, Naini Papers,......

NR Agarwal Industries Orders TurboPress, TurboCalenders from Bellmer

NR Agarwal Industries recently ordered a TurboPress and 2 TurboCalendars from Bellmer, to support the goals of increasing the overall production and achieving the highest FBB and WLC quality. These goals are also being backed by a new board machine with a speed of 371 – 650 m/min, being installed......

NR Agarwal Industries Ltd.: NR Agarwal to Diversify Its Packaging Portfolio With a New 500 TPD Kraft Plant

The leading manufacturer of writing-printing and duplex board is eying the growing packaging paper segment with a new expansion project. The company is planning to venture into low GSM kraft paper at reasonable prices to serve the growing domestic and overseas market in the kraft segment. Mumbai-based NR Agarwal Industries......