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Adler Paper: Turning Waste into Meaningful Resources

Adler Paper is the outcome of the merger of three companies – Victory Creations, Ultraprint and PaperWorks. The company is moving with an innovative approach and has recently introduced a mobile-based application – Adler Track and Trace. The company has carved its own niche in the recycled fibre industry by......

Adler is New Name For Established Mumbai Paper Companies

The Vora family has consolidated its established brands Victory Creations, Paperworks and Ultraprint under the Adler name. Devang and Hrishikesh Vora, the father and son duo who jointly lead several Mumbai-based paper recycling firms, have announced a re-branding of those companies as Adler. The Voras note that adler means “eagle”......

Reclaiming Future via Recycling

Recycling industry is getting steadily streamlined and organized in the country. The sheer impetus, the concept of recycling has drawn from all corners of industry, is amazingly new to the waste management world. The waste availability and recovery rates have become most often used terms in the area. Recycled fiber......