Valmet Introduces Full Range of Industrial Internet Solutions

Customers can collaborate with Performance Center experts, access the industrial internet applications, follow up their key performance indicators and see performance reports via Valmet customer portal.

January 30, 2020

Valmet has introduced a full range of new, data-driven Industrial Internet solutions to pulp, board, paper, tissue and energy producers. The Valmet Industrial Internet (VII) solutions combine advanced monitoring and prediction applications, advanced process controls (APC), dynamic process simulators and remote services from Valmet performance centers into comprehensive solutions that provide tangible benefits to customers.

The new VII solutions have been created for the specific needs of pulp, board, paper, tissue and energy producers. The purpose is to efficiently utilize data and Valmet’s expertise to reduce energy consumption, improve chemical and environmental efficiency, optimize pulp and paper quality, increase process reliability, maximizes production and enables efficient management of the customer’s equipment fleet.

Remote services from Valmet’s eight performance centers are a key part of the VII solutions. The performance centers make Valmet’s expertise easily available for customers through remote connections and tools.

“Our customers’ needs have been the starting point of developing these data driven Industrial Internet solutions. We have integrated our process, automation and services know-how and extensive Industrial Internet application portfolio into a value-added solution offering. Ultimately, the aim is to empower our customers to move toward autonomous plants or mills, which will result in significantly more efficient production processes and operations. We want to engage our customers in a dialogue with data to move their performance forward,” says Jari Almi, Vice President, Industrial Internet, Automation business line, Valmet.