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VTT Developing Software to Monitor Paper Machine’s Carbon Footprint

The LCA software tool will offer information on the production equipment or an entire plant concerning the impacts of operational procedures on product-based environmental loading.

January 23, 2019

VTT Developing Software
The system also takes the procurement of raw materials into consideration in the life cycle assessment.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing a software tool for on-line life cycle assessment that can be used to control equipment, such as paper machines, based on their carbon footprint.

Climate change and increasing shortages of natural resources are encouraging business enterprises to clarify how their products and services are burdening the environment throughout their entire life cycle. Methods include the calculation of carbon footprints, acidification or eutrophication of waterways, use of fossil raw materials and rare minerals, and nitrogen and sulphur emissions.

The system reacts to changes made during production and provides its users with information on environmental loading related to these changes.

VTT’s research scientists have tested the modeling tool by connecting it to a distillation column control system at Tampere University of Technology. The test indicated that the method is technically feasible. VTT plans to collaborate with process facilities and automation suppliers on introducing the modeling tool to the data transfer chain of the entire plant.