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Silverton: Installed Fiber Recovery Cells to Clarify Wastewater

Mr. Akshay Jain, Director, Silverton Pulp and Paper Pvt. Ltd., outlines the water treatment infrastructure of the company, and the new developments with regard to water consumption.

Our water treatment process and wastewater treatment strategies…

Mr. Akshay Jain, Director, Silverton Pulp and Paper Pvt. Ltd.

We have installed a rainwater harvesting system for conserving rainwater. Additionally, we draw minimum groundwater and maximise recirculation of used water except in critical locations where usage of freshwater is mandatory.

We have a proper effluent treatment plant which is having primary clarification system, aeration system, and secondary clarification system with a tertiary system for ensuring wastewater quality standards as per the pollution control department.

Our investment into water treatment infrastructure…

A substantial amount of investment is made in the water treatment system over a period of time for maintaining proper effluent standards. We have installed an ‘each and every minute’ system for proper treatment.

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Water consumed per tonne of paper produced…

We manufacture two grades – one is kraft paper, which requires around 2-3 KL of water per tonne, and the other is writing & printing which requires around 10-15 KL of water per tonne.

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Recent developments with regards to water management and treatment…

We have installed fiber recovery cells to clarify wastewater and reuse it so that water consumption can be minimised. One more important piece of equipment to reduce water consumption is a robo shower which we have installed in our paper machine for reducing the substantial amount of fresh water in the system.

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Path-breaking steps taken…

We, at Silverton Pulp and Paper, are continuously working towards making our mill more environment-friendly. We are going for a new MSW boiler to generate power and steam through which we can serve our community by cleaning municipal waste. Many other technologies for air quality improvement, water quality improvement, water conservation, plantation, etc. are adopted by our company on a regular basis.