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ANDRITZ launches New StrataPress SX Single-seam Press Felt Technology

Andritz, an international technology group providing plants, systems, equipment and services for various industries, has launched its new-generation StrataPress™ SX felt with patented and integrated single-seam technology. “With StrataPress SX, for the first time in our industry, customers can now enjoy the convenience and safety of seam felts along with the superior machine performance previously only available from premium-class endless press felts. And with its unique compressibility and nip dampening characteristics, StrataPress SX provides that superior dewatering performance even in the hardest press nip applications, and with reduced operating costs,” says Bill Butterfield, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Andritz Fabrics and Rolls.

tratapress SX Technology
StrataPress SX is specifically engineered for the most demanding positions in paperboard/packaging, graphical, and pulp machines.

Andritz’s newly launched StrataPress SX constitutes a solid achievement, for it is the world’s most advanced seam felt technology. StrataPress SX is a new-generation single-seam press felt portfolio specifically engineered for the most demanding positions on paperboard/packaging, graphical, and pulp machines. Its patented integrated seam ensures strength and durability while delivering quick and safe installation.

Designed with an impressive combination of materials, base fabric structures and unique batt concepts that deliver the highest sheet quality, faster machine speeds and reduced energy consumption, StrataPress SX ensures a mark-free sheet with the highest water-handling capacity of any press felt available on the market.

Patented StrataPress SX single seam press felts are capable of establishing new performance standards for machines on all grades and basis weights. This product, which is engineered with three distinct warp systems, is an ideal seam felt that combines quick installation, maximum water handling, superior sheet quality, and extended life potential. StrataPress SX provides unparalleled compressibility and nip dampening characteristics. This technology is fully capable of taking machine performance to a new level.

Paper manufacturers stand to gain quite a lot from this technology. The benefits include defined dewatering channels for optimized void volume delivering superior Uhle box dewatering, cabled mono middle yarn provides excellent fiber anchorage, increased seam flap stability, quick and safe installation, long life potential, and availability in three warp styles for all grades and machine types.

Advanced Press Felt Technology

It should be noted that Andritz offers the world’s most advanced press felt technology for impressive performance. Its innovative StrataPress press felts are a comprehensive new portfolio of high-performance technology specially developed to help paper manufacturers maximize machine’s press performance for all grades and machine types. StrataPress is designed with a combination of materials, base fabric structures and unique batt concepts that deliver the highest sheet quality, faster machine speeds and reduced energy consumption in both endless and seamed versions.

Available with exclusive “QS” technology for
superior sheet smoothness.

The StrataPress portfolio offers paper manufacturers both endless and seamed technology to enable their press section to run more efficiently with products specifically engineered for each application on every grade and machine configuration. Whether the manufacturers are producing tissue, paperboard, printing/writing, newsprint or pulp, there’s a StrataPress felt for them to ensure peak performance in their press section.

In Andritz’s tissue and towel segment, StrataPress T is the industry’s most advanced portfolio of endless and seam press felts developed for modern tissue formers. In the containerboard and packaging segment, StrataPress B, which is available in endless and seamed, has been specifically engineered for every conceivable board and packaging press configuration. In the printing/writing and newsprint segment, StrataPress G stands out as the broadest portfolio of high-performance endless and seamed press felt technology for graphical grades presses. In the pulp drying segment, Andritz’s premium pulp drying felts, StrataPress P, are capable of delivering best-in-class performance. They are available in both endless and seamed versions.