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Camerich Papers Successfully Commissions PM-1

The paper mill commissioned the machine with a capacity of 400 TPD at its Matel unit in Morbi, Gujarat.

June 30, 2018

Camerich Papers Successfully PM Vol19 No2 Jun Jul 2018

Camerich’s duplex board project was commissioned in the last week of June. The installed capacity of the project would be to the tune of 400 TPD and the plant would be producing coated duplex and triplex board, coated white top liner board, test liner board, kraft liner board, folding box boards (fbb), solid bleached board (sbs), and cupstock board.

Ahmedabad based JMC Paper Tech Pvt. Ltd. has supplied the paper machine Section and finishing equipments. The deckle of the machine is in the range of 3650 MM and the designed machine speed is 500 MPM with operating speed 400 MPM.

“The USP of machine includes air cushion head box, suction couch roll with four wire, suction presses, soft calendar and size presss with top formers. This is the first project of its kind in the Western region of India, technologically the most advanced facility, promising world class carton packaging boards,” said Arjun Sitapara, Director, Camerich Papers Pvt. Ltd.

“Morbi is going for quality based products. Even we aim the same. The products we are going to make will purely be quality based. We are not simply targeting Morbi but entire India as well as overseas,” he added.