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Italy-Based Cartonificio Sandreschi Orders a Wet-End Rebuild from Toscotec

With the rebuild of the forming and press section of PM1, the machine efficiency will be enhanced as the obsolete parts of the paper machine will be replaced with a robust stainless steel frame. Previously, Cartonificio Sandreschi had installed several custom-made TT SteelDryers from Toscotec.

May 5, 2022

Cartonificio Sandreschi
Image Source: Toscotec

Cartonificio Sandreschi, a producer of high-quality cardboards from recycled paper, will modernise the forming and press sections of PM1 at the paper mill in Villa Basilica, Italy. The Italy-based paper mill has ordered Toscotec for the rebuild project.

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Cartonificio Sandreschi had previously installed on PM1 several custom-made TT SteelDryers of 2,000 mm diameter to replace its existing cast iron cans. The new order involves a complete rebuild which is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022.

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There will be a modification of the wet-end with the inclusion of mould cylinder at the end of the Fourdrinier section. With the rebuild of the press section, the existing frame of the first two presses will be replaced with a new stainless steel frame, the felt runs re-design and a new suction press roll will be added to increase the post-press dryness rate.

Speaking about the rebuild project, Mr. Benedetto Sandreschi, Owner of Cartonificio Sandreschi, says, “We trust in Toscotec’s expertise to successfully deliver this project. Even in difficult times, we carry on investing in technology to strengthen our position and continue offering high-quality cardboard to our customer base.”

The scope of the project includes the renovation of the auxiliary systems, dismantling, erection operations, commissioning, and start-up assistance. The aim of the rebuild is to enhance the machine efficiency with this significant upgrade of PM1 which will replace the obsolete parts with a robust stainless steel frame.

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In the words of Mr. Enrico Fazio, Sales Director of Toscotec’s Paper & Board division “It is a pleasure to collaborate with a cardboard manufacturer well rooted in the territory of Tuscany such as Cartonificio Sandreschi. In the past, Toscotec had installed its steel cylinders on this paper machine. We are now eager to start this partnership with them on a complete rebuild for the first time.”