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Foresight International, Jaipur


Mr. Ashish Mukhejree, a post-graduate in paper technology and marketing, and Mr. Naveen , a BE in paper technology with an MBA, realised the importance of bringing higher technology to paper industry along with local technical services and started a company called Foresight International in 1993. Their experience of visiting paper industry all over the world in their previous job and Mr. Mukherjee’s hard core work experience of paper making at BILT gave them a wide spectrum of experience in various markets, which they have used effectively for the Indian paper industry. An aggressive providence of technical services locally has done all the magic.

They have a strategy to work right from paper machine to finishing house with focus on consumable products. This gives them the opportunity to work very closely with line managers and take their regular feedbacks on existing equipment. This feedback is translated into providing solutions through their capital equipment business. The main foundation is then provided with the aggressive service assistance to customers.

Hall: 10, Stand No: 1047