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Foresight International: Beyond Machines

The technology input in the Indian pulp and paper industry has been swiftly ascending to occupy center stage among top priorities. Who can better understand this trend than the link companies, between technology makers and paper industry? Foresight International, founded in 1993, has come a long way in ensuring smooth......

Paper industry's centre of gravity has shifted eastward, environmental standards have become more stringent: Paper Arabia 2012

4 October, 2012 Paper industry in Dubai resembles the situation paper industry was in Singapore eight years ago, as it is becoming a regional trade hub for paper and tissues, according to statement conducted by major participant at Paper Arabia 2012, the first-of-its-kind industry expo at the Dubai International Exhibition......
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200 years of Heimbach: The history of the future

In 1811, a time when Napoleon still reigned in the Dueren region in Germany, Thomas Joseph Heimbach laid the foundation stone of today's Heimbach. By the middle of the 19th century, Heimbach had already ceased to produce any clothing apparel and was focussed exclusively on the manufacture of felts for paper machines. With a product portfolio including forming fabrics, press...
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Foresight International: “May We Help You”

Mr. Ashish Mukhejree, a post graduate in paper technology & marketing and Mr. Naveen Shrivastava a BE in paper technology with an MBA, realized the importance of bringing higher technology to paper industry along with local technical services and started a company Foresight International in 1993. With their experience of visiting paper industry all over the world in their previous...