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Mondi Introduces FunctionalBarrier Papers with High Barrier Packaging Solution

Mondi has expanded its innovative range of medium, high and very high-barrier paper-based packaging, ensuring excellent product protection. The range is designed for recycling and can substitute unrecyclable plastic laminates and aluminium-based packaging.

January 24, 2023

Image Source: Mondi

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, is expanding its unique range of medium, high and very high-barrier paper-based packaging to support customers on their journey to use more sustainable packaging solutions.

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Thanks to Mondi’s extensive research and development activities, expertise in both paper and plastic as well as investments in new technology and increased capacity, the company has further evolved its portfolio and now offers a full range of FunctionalBarrier Papers to customers. By applying different barrier technologies, such as extrusion coatings, aqueous coatings and other very high barriers, this range of paper-based packaging solutions is fit for purpose and can be used for a variety of applications.

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The medium barrier solution, designed for industrial, e-commerce and personal care packaging, offers high sealability and medium water vapour protection, while the high barrier functional paper offers medium oxygen and water vapour barrier, as well as a high grease and mineral oil barrier for frozen foods and chocolates. The very high barrier solution, for consumer food products such as coffee, cereals and confectionery, provides excellent product protection from water vapour and oxygen and ensures a long shelf life.

A benefit of Mondi’s integrated value chain, the production of the FunctionalBarrier Paper range is done entirely in-house. Designed to be recyclable in paper streams across Europe and using responsibly sourced base material, the solutions offer renewable alternatives to plastic laminates and multi-material aluminium-based packaging.

“We live by our approach of using paper where possible, plastic when useful and our range of FunctionalBarrier Paper is a perfect example of this. There is more than one way for our customers to achieve their sustainability goals and our unique market position and value chain means we can tailor our solutions to meet their needs. We develop packaging solutions that are sustainable by design while still providing the necessary protection for their products. This is in line with our Mondi Action Plan 2030 (MAP2030) commitment to make all our packaging solutions reusable, recyclable and compostable,” says Mr. Thomas Ott, CEO Flexible Packaging, Mondi.

FunctionalBarrier Paper at a glance

Mondi’s Functional Barrier Paper is a range of paper-based packaging with tailored barrier properties that reduce the amount of plastic used and provides moisture and vapour-proof packaging. The range is designed to be recyclable in paper streams across Europe and is made from the responsibly sourced base paper. The barrier levels are customised to the product requirements and are available as follows:

Medium Barrier:

This range offers great sealability and a medium water vapour barrier. FunctionalBarrier Paper with a medium barrier offers a wide range of custom barrier properties for key applications such as; fresh, frozen and dried foods, food service packaging, personal care products and packaging for eCommerce applications as well as for industrial uses like cement bags.

High Barrier:

High Barrier FunctionalBarrier Paper offers a medium barrier to oxygen and water vapour and a high grease and mineral oil barrier. This range is designed to reduce the amount of packaging material needed. It can be used as packaging for frozen foods and ice cream, dried foods, chocolate and other snack bars, food service, home and personal care products, as well as other applications such as packaging tape.

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Very High Barrier:

This FunctionalBarrier Paper is used for food applications, such as dried foods and mixes, coffee, cereals and muesli bars, as well as powdered milk, where the highest barrier is required to ensure freshness and long shelf life. It has excellent barrier protection functions against water vapour and oxygen. It is used as a substitute to the current industry standard packaging for a high level of barrier protection, which is frequently made of multi-materials such as plastic and aluminium and is unrecyclable.