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Recycle Fibre Market Prices

“Slow but Steady”
Mr. Pradeep Kedia
Mr. Pradeep Kedia

Things have been slow with no aggressive buying reported, but busy enough to keep a balance between demand and supply. Freight rates are moving up and so is the winter creeping in, making all the noises to push the markets up and thus making the buyer nervous on the prices.

Finished paper situation also is not pretty with some mills building huge inventory. With so many new capacities coming into production in the last 6-8 months, everyone is feeling the heat and pressure on selling. Mills strategically located are realising that export will be the next big thing for them as the Indian market is just not ready for all these tons.
If I was to guess the next couple of months, would say – it’s going to be a steady climb.

Pradeep Kedia, Table