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Sam Turbo Industry Ltd., Coimbatore


The Company has been supplying pumps for applications like paper and pulp stock, liquor, acids and water since 1980. Their pumps are running in almost all paper companies in India, including BILT, ITC, Trident, Khanna Paper, Tamil Nadu Newsprint Ltd., APPM, Balakrishna Paper and Rainbow Paper, etc. The Company supplies medium consistency pumps up to 12 per cent consistency. Overseas clients of the company include MEPCO, Saudi Arabia; Everest Paper Mills, Nepal; Uganda Pulp & Paper Mills, Uganda; Song Duong Tissue, Vietnam, Tan Pack Tissues Limited, Tanzania; Muffindi Paper Mills Ltd, Tanzania; Gayatrisakthi Paper, South Africa; Swazi Paper Mills, South Africa; Crown Paper Mills, Dubai; Hakkani Paper, Bangladesh; and many mills in Kenya. Also, it manufactures fan pumps with staggered vane design to minimise pulsation.

Hall: Foyer, Stand No: 730