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Sappi and ISBC Develop New Smart Paper With Embedded RFID Chips

The product is sheet-fed and made with 100 percent fiber-based Swiss Matt paper substrate from specialty paper manufacturer Sappi.

August 13, 2021

Smart Paper With Embedded RFID

Sappi and ISBC have collaborated to present an innovative new smart paper with embedded RFID chips. The chips are embedded into the paper sheets causing no effect over the paper surface – it remains flat and smooth.

The smart RFID Paper supplier was looking for an alternative to plastic for smart printing and Sappi’s Swiss Matt paper – used mostly as an inkjet paper for large-format printing – was settled on due to its white surface, print results, and scratch- and water resistance.


The companies also report that the product is as easy to print as a regular sheet of paper, reportedly making it a cost-efficient solution for printers.

Another apparent advantage of the ‘sandwich product’ is that it can be printed with various kinds of printing techniques and machines – therefore eliminating in-house development work and avoiding investments in new equipment, software, and business processes.

The desired information can simply be transferred to the paper-embedded RFID chip: for the encoding process, ISBC has developed a special encoding machine and training materials.

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In terms of potential applications, the solution can be used for contactless tickets on buses, trains, trams, and other means of transportation, as well as for prepaid cards and gift cards, business cards, and access control, including key cards for hotel rooms, ski passes or admission wristbands for events and trade fairs.

The paper-based sensors and labels can also be integrated into diplomas and other certificates to verify document authenticity. Conventional postcards can also be enhanced by integrating an RFID tag with interactive URLs.