SKPMIL Launches High Gloss Low GSM Food Packaging Paper

Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd. (SKPMIL) has recently launched a high gloss low GSM food packaging paper that gives superior printing results on the paper.

Mr. Naynesh Pasari, Director, Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd.

SKPM has been manufacturing high-strength food grade kraft paper, newsprint, cream wove, shuttering base paper, print base paper etc.

Talking about the recently launched high gloss low GSM food packaging paper, Mr. Naynesh Pasari, Director, Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd., said, “A lot of consumers ask for MG paper, which is a high gloss paper. But since we have a MF machine, we have gone ahead to develop a high gloss paper on MF machine, perhaps one of the only mills in India to do the same in this grade of paper.”

SKPMIL has always been synonymous with innovation and development, due to the vision of my father Mr. NK Pasari, we are known to bring thermal sensitive paper in India. We used to also manufacture Chromo paper under the nationally known brand SILVERCOTE.

Earlier this year, the company has worked hard on audits, certifications, developments on smell-free and food grade paper and sells high strength kraft paper for the food industry.

“Today almost 1.5 lakh tonnes of paper is exported to China every month in the form of reels which is either being repulped or used directly for packaging applications. India which was never on the map of kraft paper exports few years ago has made an epic entry as one of the top 5 contributors of kraft paper production worldwide (ASIA) and export to China,” said Mr. Pasari.

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“The future is high strength papers for Ecommerce bags. We are committed to R&D and innovate continuously and our wish is when one day the customers can proudly say we buy quality paper from India which is equivalent to imported papers”, he added.