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Elof Hansson AB, Sweden: The Global Business Facilitator


Founded in 1897, Elof Hansson is a renowned supplier of process equipment and consumables. The company sources forest products from leading suppliers in Europe, Asia, and America for customers all over the world.

With an added-value package of financing, risk management, shipping, and marketing, it provides business expertise that makes life easier for buyers and sellers of pulp, paper, and recovered fiber.

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Elof Hansson has recently introduced PR pulping in Finland wherein new technology of secondary fiber handling is through one compact pulper. The main benefits of PR pulping are – simple concept design, easy to operate, maximised fiber yield, active and integrated heavy reject removal, and minimised wear of pulper screen plate.

Elof Hansson India Pvt. Ltd. has plans of expanding its business presence with the coverage of more market areas, such as the Middle East and East Africa. The product portfolio includes pulp and secondary fiber, process equipment, lab instruments and chemicals for boiler water treatment and cooling water treatment to pulp, paper, paperboard and other allied industries. The company aims to increase the business volume by 15 percent year-to-year.