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SIEMENS helps customers improve Industrial productivity

Drive Technologies Division holds Media and Industry Analyst Briefing India 2011

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Siemens Drive Technologies Division hosted a media and industry analyst’s summit with senior management, representatives from Siemens AG and management team from Siemens India. The summit highlighted Siemens AG and Siemens India portfolio. The focus of the summit was Drive Technologies and its products, solutions and services. The session also emphasized that Drive Technologies division increases productivity in operations by linkage of sustainable technologies from a single source that can help customers achieve higher productivity, efficiency and reliability.

Dr. Armin Bruck - MD, Siemens Ltd.

Economical and ecological requirements are on the increase throughout every field of industry and technology, exerting a major impact on production processes and the machinery required to run them. As an integrated technology company, Siemens offers more than just a wide portfolio of products and solutions, explained Dr. Armin Bruck, Managing Director, Siemens Ltd. in his presentation as he gave an overview of the Siemens India portfolio. He also underlined the importance of the Drive Technologies Division saying “We support our customers and markets firstly by providing durable, specifically tailored products and solutions to meet the needs of diverse markets with cutting-edge technologies that are innovative and sustainable.”

Siemens’ strategy involves a three-pronged integration approach: creating a seamless drive train, integrating it into the Siemens automation world and incorporating it into the corresponding customer applications. This allows Siemens to provide its customers with a range of unique benefits in terms of energy efficiency, reliability, and productivity.