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Metsä Fibre and Lehto to build an Ecological Operating Office for Kemi Bioproduct Mill

With an investment of around USD 1.9 billion, the Kemi bioproduct mill is the largest-ever investment in the history of the Finnish forest industry. September 04, 2021 Metsä Fibre, a subdivision of Metsä Group, and Lehto Group have signed an agreement to construct an ecological operating office from wood for......

Södra Commissions World’s First Fossil-Free Biomethanol Plant

Södra decided to invest in a biomethanol production facility in 2017. This initiative shows that Södra is working towards a circular economy, resource-efficiency and being fossil-fuel free. February 2, 2020 Södra has built the world’s first plant for commercial biomethanol, a sustainable fuel from forest biomass, at Södra’s pulp mill......