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Kagzi Bottles: ‘We Still Have a Long Way to Go’

While interacting with Paper Mart magazine, Mrs. Samiksha Govil, Director, Kagzi Bottles Pvt. Ltd., shares the innovative approach of the company, the outlook on the paper packaging segment, and her journey as a women entrepreneur in the industry. Women have proven to be better decision-makers, multitaskers and creative thinkers. This......
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Noida-based Kagzi Bottles Introduces 100% Biodegradable Paper Bottle

Homegrown company — Kagzi Bottles introduces 100% Biodegradable Paper Bottle manufactured using waste paper. June 11, 2021 Plastic packaging has long been the obvious choice for many liquid products brands — such as body wash, lotion, beverages, shampoo etc. Without a doubt, plastic is durable, inexpensive and most importantly —......