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Pulp Moulded Product: An Environmentally Sustainable Solution that’s here to Stay

Packaging came as an answer to our changing lifestyle needs where quick-fix solutions were required to meet the pace and convenience of the large urban population. Solutions offered by various polymers were fast adopted across industries and we became totally dependent on these solutions for the convenience they offered before......

Paper Mart Emagazine Oct-Nov Issue 2021

Paper Mart’s Oct-Nov 2021 issue is now live. The Special Feature on TOP PAPER COMPANIES IN INDIA 2021 is out now. Read exclusive interviews of IVAX Paper Chemicals, Sharma Fabricators & Erectors, JMC Paper Tech, Knam Marketing, Industry Articles from Haber, KPL International, Andritz and latest news stories from pulp......

KPL Offers the UNIDYNE Range of Paper-Treatment Products

Sustainable molded pulp food packaging solutions with oil & grease resistance (OGR) properties. October 31, 2019 The recent change in the government’s outlook on single-use plastic has prompted the pulp and paper industry to look for alternative sustainable food-packaging solutions. While it has come as a welcome change for many,......