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Parason: Developing Best-in-Class Products and a Robust Customer Relationship Management System

2021: The year that was 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. We began 2021 with unwavering optimism. The year 2021 brought the sunshine of hope; it was a relief year to get back to normal. The second wave of the first quarter affected us briefly, but we safely managed......
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Kuber Packaging Industries: Providing Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Disposables through Ekopak

The core strength of the brand is the product range which is ‘backyard’ compostable within 90 days making it optimal to replace single-use plastics. Ekopak is a brand of Kuber Packaging Industries Pvt. Ltd. created with the thought of making the most sustainable packaging in the most ethical way possible.......