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Parason: Developing Best-in-Class Products and a Robust Customer Relationship Management System

2021: The year that was

Mr. Madhure Desarda, Director, Parason Machinery (India) Pvt. Ltd.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. We began 2021 with unwavering optimism.

The year 2021 brought the sunshine of hope; it was a relief year to get back to normal. The second wave of the first quarter affected us briefly, but we safely managed ourselves.

Additionally, we organized a special vaccination drive for the Parason family’s 1500+ employees. Besides the vaccination drive, we had also prepared an isolation unit at our Desarda Public School. We managed to get through all the barricades with the support of all our employees and customers who had faith in us.

We committed to eliminating single-use plastic items in January 2021. To support our eco-friendly initiative, Parason started moulded fiber machinery plant. Furthermore, we recently acquired a few businesses and also manufacture masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits under the brand name Medifence. In terms of product development, Parason Machinery recently developed and shipped India’s biggest Sharp Edge Drum Pulper. The Parason team has devised innovative techniques for market penetration on a worldwide scale.

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2022: The year that will be

We are encouraged by the company’s current performance. We have successfully fulfilled all the domestic and global client requirements on time. Our global smart supply chain strategies have helped us to provide our products on time to international clients. Apart from developing best-in-class products, we will also focus on developing a robust customer relationship management system, which is a part of our founding principles.

Parason is a well-known brand in the paper industry. Our paper machinery is used by some of the most prestigious paper manufacturers in the country. With a strong presence in the domestic market, we are also expanding our footprints to the global market. The current trade war has had a favourable influence on the Indian paper sector. As a result of the ongoing trade war, foreign paper mills are increasingly turning to ‘Made in India’ products. Parason is making sure to deliver the products with utmost quality without any compromise.

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Key trends driving the growth

This year we can see rising demand for recyclable products. Growing hygiene standards will improve the tissue paper-related products demands. The eCommerce and packaging industries will transition to kraft paper packaging that is recyclable. Moulded fiber products are anticipated to become more popular. Parason has invested heavily in the research and development wing and understands the changes in the market and its demands and working tirelessly in delivering the same.